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About SPA

The hotel spa at Kingsway brings energy and control to its exceptional spa treatments, giving its guests health and a well being atmosphere. The recreation facilities at Kingsway spa offers its guests with many amenities that reenergize and refresh their mind after a day – night sightseeing in the city. Adjacent to Kingsway spa are identical hospitality suites and natural foods

Spa Treatment

The guests at Kingsway spa are well treated with a natural mixture of virgin coconut oil, fresh banana leaves & frozen egg


The facials at Kingsway spa encompass; chocolate facial, peach tightening facial, honey facial, papaya pumpkin facial & more


The mission of massaging at Kingsway spa is to influence the overall health of guests by offering a better relaxation to whole body

Body Treatment

The body treatment at Kingsway spa procreate guests to relieve from stress and achieve an optimal balance of body, mind & spirit

Manicure & Pedicure

The warm cream conditioning treatment and warm paraffin wrap at Kingsway spa will enhance serenity and calm in the body & mind

Waxing & Tinting

The leg, lip, chin & arm waxing and tinting at Kingsway spa will create a freshness and chillness to the whole body parts for a long time

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